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[Yearly Recap] Exercising in 2019

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Finally 2019 has ended and a new year has come! Overall, this year was a year of massive improvements in my work out. I began 2019 with only jogging and planks, because I naively believed at running would make me more muscular. I guess it is true, but cardio exercises don't really help hypertrophy.

I started pushups and soon became one of those rounded shoulders, and I began to teach myself back exercises.

2019 summer, I learned work outs from an actual trainer for the first time, and I learned an extensive range of exercise routines. I didn't know about anterior muscle exercises or barbell rows, and a huge list of other exercises.

I then also implemented jump ropes into my routine for core strength.

There were many trials and errors, but this year had huge improvements in my work outs.


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