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[CAD Design] 1: Shinhwa Hotel Lamp

As Aristotle said, imitation is the mother of creation, so I decided to periodically post my CAD designs of objects around me. The first CAD design I would like to post is a lamp I found at Shinhwa Hotel, a hotel near my school. I am not a total expert in 3D Design, so I thought that this lamp would be a good start.

3D Rendering

The design was quite easy as most of the compartments were formed by cylinders and planes, but the detail of the junction between the lamp and the holder was the hardest. I wanted to upload the working screenshots of the final work as well, but I wasn't able to take screenshots because of my poor iPad using skills.

You can also download the iges file of the light stand below.

Light stand Shinhwa World.iges
Download ZIP • 34KB


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