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[Competitions] 2017 HOBY fourth industrial revolution essay contest

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

**Hello all, this is my essay written for the HOBY fourth industrial revolution essay contest, created for various viewpoints regarding the fourth industrial revolution. It has been posted after the deadline finished**

No other civilisation has ever reached the level mankind has reached. Not only humans have factories to manufacture products, they also manufacture each products differently for different people. The internet has brought us closer than anytime. If you send the design of the motorcycle you want to a Japanese motorcycle company, it is made in 3 days, and shipped quickly to your home. This is how the world had changed. People now communicate with anyone, and customised products are shipped around all over the globe. One of the biggest changes that happened during the fourth industrial revolution is that the age of access has ended. Nowadays, information is considered more important than capitals. Industries own spies to earn technology more than to steal money. No matter how a electronic is well- made, the market comes up with a better one in maximum 18 months. Developing technology faster and faster is the most effective way to survive in the modern market. China is now developing new technologies. The Chinese search engine, Baidu is now in the state of developing artificial intelligence. Also, connection is a major characteristic of the fourth industrial revolution. Now, it is the age where mass customisation is occurring. In the past, industries were focused on mass production. The one that produces more wins the race. For instance, movie directors made similar movies as if made in factories. However, as they made connections with sound specialists, actors, and what not, the movies' quality started to dramatically increase. Chrysler, a American car company used to manufacture cars for 54 months, but now is developing the technology to create a bespoken car in 3 days. Therefore, people are now fed up of mass production. They do not want the products, but the service that they are given when they purchase the product. Rolls- Royce produces fine engines, but found out people want the service provided for them, not really the engines. It is the age where not only mass production is important, but also customization is. Due to these changes, American manufacturing companies have highly risen. Finally, due to the fourth industrial revolution, people have been closer to each other than any other case before. People now are able to chat each other around the globe. People are able to talk to each other anyplace. Also, social service has become a method to earn money. Social media has brought people closer, and also became a effective advertisement tool. Marketing is done in Facebook, since it has a very special trait, that it is able to show everyone their advertisements, only if they post it. Also, Facebook and social media sites use big data analyzing for effective marketing. They collect data of their customers, what they search, which sites they visit regularly, and find out which person is more likely to buy which product, and show the advertisement s to the certain person.


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