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[Dear Math] Planning II

As a continuation of my previous post on fluid simulations to beautifully visualize physical phenomena, I updated many of the plans that will be exhibited during our Math-Art Exhibition. Every member of the math society will be leading their own microprojects, with me managing mainly the macro projects that our society will work as a collective, and working on my own few projects.

So these are some new projects that I have initiated, and changes that have been made. The focus of all of these activities were to ensure that every one of them are interesting, but at the same time, not lacking in depth, because many projects that link math with art tend to become quite banal and shallow, in their effort to link math with art. Also, I thought that it would be better to visualize data, instead of the Navier-Stokes equation, as the former is more socially meaningful and could inspire the audience by showing that math can be so humanitarian. So what are my plans for 3/5?

(In case you forgot, 3/5 is the grand exhibition date)

1. Journal Publication

Damn. I really want to brag a little bit about the amount of effort I put into this. I changed nearly 1300 lines of code for the formatting of this journal, so what I have is neither a "AMS format" or an "IEEE format," it is a "NLCS format" that I can proudly present.

The full version will be released in March, so you'll be able to see what this publication is going to look like. I am writing four articles, 3 for stats and 1 for pure maths)

2. Math-Art Video Project

Yes, obviously the alpha and omega of this exhibition is the math-art video project. As I said above, the video will be created from visualizing statistical data. As my local community is scarred with the history of the 4.3 massacre, I think that it might be a good candidate for a topic. I also researched about some example works, or how real artists do it; these are some examples.

Just a nice compilation of these data artworks:

The video doesn't go into the technical parts, but it gives lots of artistic inspiration:

An hour-long talk on data:

If you are looking for something more technical:

3. Postcard & Calendar Fundraising:

I am currently writing books that introduce math in a beautiful and enjoyable way; I might buy the books with our budget and donate them to orphanages.

(You may think that I am just doing that to sell my books, but I would vehemently say no. It's rather because I combined many books on similar topics and I tried to provide depth into the topics, so it is my judgement that my book would have the most knowledge. It is not to say that I am a better writer or that I am more knowledgeable in math than the writers of other books, but books on math and art often end up with only providing superficial knowledge. I aimed to do the exact opposite.)

I've also made a progress sheet to note the things that are going on. Stay tuned for the next update.

Our current progress sheet.


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