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[Dear Maths] Finalizing Ideas

As an update of the latest post on the math exhibition project, this requires much, much more effort than I thought. I've had five meetings about this on the same day.

Our regular meeting times are 10:00 AM, but the year 11s are having their annual exams this week, so they can't attend the regular meetings, and I arranged a meeting for them today 5:20PM. I knew that there also are people that probably wouldn't be able to attend the regular time meetings for some other reason, so I organized a 12 PM meeting with me for them. I also did a meeting with our link teacher to update him about the current progress, and I finally did a meeting with the head of the math department to arrange a math competition and discuss budget problems. Even though I am known for having ridiculously many meetings in a week in my school, believe me, five meetings a day good. But since this is such an important project to me and everyone, and I have to keep a record of whether everyone is up to date, I had to do this. (Plus, it was much more fun than what I thought,)

So updates in what's going on?

We now consolidated our plans on what will happen!

We went from left to right! What's the difference? Note that we've now added small drawings and names to the left picture, which indicates that we've now finalized upon who will do what where. In front of the library, there will mostly be interactive activities, such as a chaos game booth that year 11s will set up. (You can read much more about iterations in Basically, students can come to the booth and roll a dice to receive some sweets. Based on what the outcomes are, we can draw a midpoint on a large sheet of paper stuck to the wall. The point is, with each person just throwing a dice, which is a random action, we obtain the Sierpinski triangle, a highly structured fractal. These types of activities, in my opinion, would help students to realize the beauty of mathematics.

Based on this, I am also making a timeline so everyone can catch up.

We will also do some fundraising with the example postcards as the pdf file below! The profit will most likely be donated to local orphanages and the North Korean defector's school I previously wrote about.

PostCard Final Versions
Download PDF • 1.51MB

Since I am also hosting a math competition at the same time, my only worry is that there might be too much to handle, making organization evermore important. I think this would be a good chance for me to learn about how I can work efficiently with others.


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