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[Debate] Cover Page Design + The Debating Glossary

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

As an extension of writing short books and notes for the CCA program, I decided to design them so that they would be more in the form of a book. Also, I now finished writing a debating glossary, which I received massive help from the Cambridge Debating Union's website. I decided to write a glossary, as it would (1) be useful as an appendix for other books, and (2) be helpful for beginners, as many words have different meanings in the debating chamber. (i.e. this house, model, counterfactual, etc)

You can easily access the pdf file by:


Debate Glossary
Download PDF • 767KB

Read online:

See more:

These are some samples of cover pages.

Why are the design so similar to one another? It's for consistency. It's not because I was too lazy to use a different design for each one. Absolutely not. But frankly, it would be quite a waste of my energy to use so much of my time on cover page design. I would rather write one more book on debating.

Notice that I've only written 1, 2, 5, but I have covers from 1 to 5. That's because the other books will by coming up in very, very short notice. So stay tuned.

Update (2020.08.22): I've received an award from the Busan minister of education for creating debating resources and platforms for Korean students!! I should try even harder to reach even the most outskirts of Korea and allow them to feel the joy of debating.


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