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[Debate for beginners] Disprove others + Bodily autonomy

Dear readers,

As a series of the previous debating tip video, I created one more video that has some important that would be very helpful for beginners.

(Previous video: What to not do in a debate

I noticed that many beginners simply respond to arguments with negations, and the negations are again negated by the opponents. So because all rebuttals are just "no, full stop," most of the points end up in deadlocks. In intermediate debates, debaters would usually give even-if scenarios, and in advanced debates, they would usually put in lots of nuance and skill (taking the opponents at their best case scenario, metadebating, providing a metric, etc). In higher levels than that, I don't know what debaters would do because I am not on that level.

However, deadlocks that are unresolved until the end of the debate are just a lose-lose scenario for both teams. Thus, I talked about how using even if cases or being strategical can flip that situation into a win-lose scenario.

Besides, I also talked about bodily autonomy, as it is the alpha and omega of all principle arguments on the libertarian side, and is very useful if used properly.

Below is the link, enjoy and any comments/feedback are always welcome!

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