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[Debate for Beginners] MUN is NOT hard

Hello readers,

It’s quite clear and obvious that if one has to choose from debate or MUN, it would always be a good choice to go for debate. But since MUN has its own charm in and of itself, I created some videos that introduce the procedures of MUN.

Now, for beginners, MUN is incomparably complex and abstruse compared to debate. If you are experienced in both, you would be probably much more baffled at all the details and logic that is necessary for a good case in debate than the procedures of MUN, but you would remember your first MUN, when you were confused and insecure about your incapability to write a complicated resolution. Or what about an embarrassing instance when you confounded “moderated caucuses” and “unmoderated caucuses.” I am sure that anyone would have such times, and decided to create videos for underclassmen in my school to easily begin their MUN careers.

I focused on explaining how MUN is a cycle of the same procedure, and is just a formal way of discussing things. I hope videos like these lower the bar for people to feel the joy of MUN.

MUN is just a formal way of talking with other people. Once you begin to view it in that way, you won't be intimidated as before.
Video Link:

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