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[Debate] Resources for the CCA program

Next year, I am starting my IB studies, and hearing witnesses from older students in my school, I can already sense that the next two years are not going to be the easiest years in my life. To be frank, I am lowkey excited about IB as I am one of those quirky people that enjoy being busy. However, I am worried that I wouldn't have enough time to invest in other activities that I am doing, such as the debating mentoring CCA program.

Also, I was suddenly reminded that I promised with our debating club's advisor to create a debating guideline for teachers to use during class. Hence, I decided to make as much resources as I can during this summer break. The first resource I created is the notes for the 8 week mentoring program, and a short book on introductory debating.

All the videos or books I could find were about very basic stuff that anyone could search on Wikipedia. As one of my goals is to facilitate debating in school and foster debating talent among younger students, I decided to share the notes to anyone that visits my CCA, and contact the school marketing department whether we could publish the book and put in in the library.

If you are interested, you can download and access both the notes and the book below. But please cite the source when using the resources for obvious reasons :)

In fact, the resources are available in , a website I've newly opened to share resources online.

Notes for the 8 weeks
Download PDF • 812KB

8 Weeks of Debate Mentoring
Download PDF • 818KB

These will later be included in the Korean Highschool Forensic Network project that I am planning at the moment, since open resource sharing is also a purpose of the network.

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