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[Design] 3D Printer for Children

After cutting metal myself, I realized how much of an innovation a 3D printer is. But much of our population does not have access to this technology; especially the young and the elderly. Wondering what could be done for this technologically alienated group, I suddenly thought of Scratch, a coding language created by MIT labs to make coding easier and enjoyable for children. I hence designed a "scratch" 3D printer that would make 3D printing easy not only for the children, but also for the parents supervising it.

In Korea, 2020 was a year of penguins. Pororo, Pengsoo, and Pingoo (and penguin village, hopefully) are only a few of the penguin characters that massively succeeded. As the targetted market is Korea, I chose the frame as a penguin, as below.

Since we wanted anyone to be able to use this printer, we named it "Webuild." To go further into detail, Webuild's selling points are threefold: safe, easy, and friendly.

As this is a children's product, it must be guaranteed safety above everything. There is a sensor that can detect when it is tilted over 5 degrees, which then will say "please put me down, I am dizzy!" At the same time, the transparent body allows children to see what is being printed and understand the mechanism of a 3D printer. The interface is also designed to allow children to easily learn 3D printing, just like Scratch did so for coding.

I am seeing if I can get a patent for this idea, so that hopefully this idea can go further to be an actual product.


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