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[Eco-committee] FEE Green Flag Certificate

Recently the eco-committee and I have been involved in earning a "FEE Green Flag Certificate."

It is awarded to schools that have been dedicated to conserving the environment for a long time. Normally, schools must go through a process of earning bronze-silver-gold medals, and then a Green Flag, but we just went into the Green Flag without trying the other ones first.

We thought that participating in such an initiative would hugely raise awareness and celebrate the successes we had in the previous year.

We first wrote a proposal to the FEE committee explaining the work that we have done, and why all of them are commensurate to earning this Green Flag. I wrote about how the school's canteen food was served in eco-friendly ways.

Then, we also wrote a statement to the senior staff team asking for a 3000 dollar fund to invite FEE inspectors to come and see our school. Some upperclassmen in the committee helped us by holding direct meetings with the senior staff team as well.

Our school had the capability to give us 3000 dollars because they are, honestly, rich. But what about schools that have put in equal effort as us, but simply aren't as rich as us? That question somehow came up in my head.

Anyways, we invited inspectors to our school, and they came to see the work that we have been doing. After several days of looking around the school, we soon recieved a reply that we have been chosen as one of the three schools in Korea that have been given the Green Flag certificate! We also became introduced in the principal's weekly newsletter.

We learned a lot during the process, and also could felt a sense of achievement when we finally recieved the Green Flag. Below is the website for FEE, so please visit if interested.



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