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[Eco-committee] No food waste day campaign

Dear readers,

This year, I've joined a new student-led group, the eco-committee.

The eco-committee is a group dedicated to environmental protection, regularly leading no-food waste day campaigns, meeting with school staff to implement eco-friendly policies, and so on. Last year, one of its triumphs was to change the school's packed lunch packages from plastic to biodegradable plastic.

This year's first activity was to lead a no food waste day campaign, and I created a picket urging people to reduce food waste. I made one that looked like the picture below, and held it at the entrance of the canteen.

The day after the campaign, we heard news that food waste was cut down by 40 percent. While I couldn't take a photo of us because phone use wasn't allowed in the canteen, the change that we made is quite meaningful.


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