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[Friendly Matches] Team Czech-Rise of rainbow capitalism

Due to the coronavirus, the Prague open tournament, which I was planning to attend, has unfortunately been cancelled. But as a silver lining to this gloomy occurrence, many teams have been looking for teams that would spar with them for the prepared case, and we weren’t an exception. So we could, with relative ease, find top debating teams that were wanting to online spar with us, and we connected with the Czech national debating team and even the South African debating team!

So today, I debated with the Czech national team, and next week, I will be debating with the SA team. I am extremely looking forward to the match against SA, as SA is one of the best countries in the world. But that wouldn’t mean that I was not excited about Czech; It’s just that I was so, so excited for SA, not that I wasn’t excited for Czech.

Me debating

Anyways, we finally went into the debate, and we won this round! I thought the second speaker in Czech had lots of extensions, so if the whip had many extensions and comparisons as him, we could’ve lost. But luckily since the whip did not carry out as much as comparisons as the second did, I thought that was quite decisive in announcing the verdict.

Below is my speech.

The judge said that our strategy of bringing up a “metric” to judge the debate was powerful, and that it contributed a lot to our victory. However, I ran out of time, and some of my responses and arguments were not considered within the scoring, which was a huge pity. As I am normally whip, I believe that time management would be critical when I am doing deputy.


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