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[JFNODC] I. Hosting the first-ever Online debate tournament in SK

Because of the Coronavirus, like anyone else, our debating society meetings have all ended. But suddenly the thought of a tournament popped into my head--I always wanted to host a tournament and lift NLCS to the same level as schools that are big on debate like HAFS or Daewon, but our geological separation from the mainland (where most debaters live) made it hard for me to host a competition that would really grow to become one of the biggest student-lead competition in Korea. But this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to begin a tournament, since now is the best time to make an ONLINE tournament! Additionally, we wouldn't have to worry about flights or accommodation if it was online. I could also call some of my American friends to judge, which would be great.

So I immediately called our debating club members, and decided to develop this idea into an actual competition. We first divided the roles into designing, writing, and so on, with me being the Chief Adjudicator. I did assign others to do the design, but anyone who have worked with me would know how obsessed and nitpicky I am about design. So after my constant, and perhaps incessant, focus on the slightest details, I went on to do the design instead. Like, this perfection about design of mine is something that I just cannot fix.

The next thing we did was to enumerate everything we had to do. We then organized them into a very specific timeline of things to do. First things first, we had to create online infrastructure for us to advertise our competition. I established a Facebook page, Weebly webpage (sorry Wix), and Instagram page.

We also created a card news to introduce our members and the procedure of our competition. Below is a part of the cardnews.

Honestly speaking, I pulled on multiple all-nighters to complete the design for the website and the card news, so I am in a very sleep-deprived state.

I've uploaded all the content, and began advertising to other schools. Although it is the beginning of everything, I hope that all preparation goes well.


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