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[Journal] International STEM Magazine

Hello readers,

In addition to joining Lucidity, there has been more exciting things that have been happening. my friends that I met in AwesomeMath and I decided to get together to make an international STEM magazine! Bailey, one of my comrades that survived through the notorious NT3, is in charge of contacting all the other schools. I am surprised at how the magazine has grown so rapidly and huge, that it now includes 30 other schools worldwide. Although I would have been glad to help Bailey contact other US schools, I couldn't because of the time difference between Korea and the US.

Those who are interested, please visit the link below.

Instagram Link for Journal:


Update 1- Currently we've decided the roles for each member. I wanted to become the editor-in-chief for this one as well, but I couldn't apply for it because of the time difference:( The registration closed around 4:00 AM KST. I became the math section manager, which means that I am in charge of coordinating the math section editing and articles.


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