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[Journal] Introduction to COVID special edition

[Lucidity] COVID-19 Edition

Whether intended or not, the COVID-19 outbreak has been a bane to many and a boon to some—medical company shareholders, people who needed some time to study extensively for SATs, or whatnot. I myself have also been one of the many who the outbreak has been a bane, but I decided to make this seemingly unfortunate incident into a chance to do something great.

Realizing that this is perhaps the best time to revitalize our issue 6 edition for Lucidity (it has been dormant for a month due to the outbreak), I decided that we must create a special edition reviewing virology and contagion for Lucidity! Issue 6 will be named “Science and Contagion,” and I decided to contact various societies and organizations to ask for their unique insight on the matter.

After a meeting with the other editor-in-chief and our advisor, we put down a full list of societies and organizations to contact:

- STEM societies: Medical, math, biology, physics, chemistry society

- Humanity societies: Geography, Debating, History, Latin society

- NLCS Dubai Science Department

- Francis Crick Institute (whom I previously interviewed when they visited our school)

Many might question why some of the societies are there, but after some research I discovered that virology is related to virtually any discipline. In the bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel, the link between virology, geography, and history is beautifully articulated. Also, the response of governments to the COVID-19 outbreak—for instance, forced social distancing or the tracking and disclosure of patients—are surely ones that spur some debate. We also found some interesting responses of ancient Greece to virology, and thought that the Latin department or the society will be best to address these.

Currently, I’ve contacted each of the organizations, and I am waiting for a reply. After the participants are finalized, we will create a navigation docs or a clear guideline to show the template or outline of which the articles need to be written.


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