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[Journal] Lucidity Issue 5 has been released!

Hello readers,

Some exciting things have been going on in Lucidity. We finally published our Issue 5 edition, Science and the Earth!

Cover Page designed by me

It has been a long way since the editor-in-chief changeover to publish this magazine. We also learned many lessons, one of them being that we must be quick in finding problems with articles, or otherwise the problem worsens when we find it out late. That is, if we edit each article right after they are written, editing won't be that much of an issue. But if we had to edit all of the articles at once, it would be an enormous workload.

But above all, this would've been never possible without the help of the other editor-in-chief, lead designer, and all of our editors.

Principal's Weekly Newsletter

The magazine also has been introduced in the principal's newsletter.

Below is the link to our magazine; please enjoy :)

Below is the link to our magazine!


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