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[Lucidity] Issue 6 Released!!!!

Lucidity Issue 6 is finally released!!!! This issue means so much to me, as this issue was by far one of the most burdensome tasks on my to-do list. Although it was lots of fun designing the magazine and using Indesign, I wouldn't willingly choose to pull on three all-nighters. I am so happy to finally share this pdf file with everyone.


Below are some of my personal favourite pages.

While issue 6 means a lot to me, it also manifests many changes to Lucidity as a whole. Due to the coronavirus, we had to change the entire direction of our magazine from "science and the truth" to "science and contagion" on the last minute. We clearly lacked articles, so I had to contact societies, clubs, projects, and even other schools including NLCS Dubai. But a real silver lining to all of this was that everyone had written something related to the coronavirus, considering the gravity and impact of the situation, and hence everyone had at least something to give us. Also, through this opportunity, we could make clear ties and links not only with clubs, but also with other schools as well. Hence, issue 6 taught me an important lesson--crisis breeds opportunity, and it's up to us whether we seize that opportunity or not.

Another lesson I learnt was about design. Considering the quality of the work, it was virtually impossible to get all the work done until our desired release date. Even after pulling on three all=nighters, I had to leave for my duke of Edinburgh trip, which left the release date even more delayed. I couldn't compromise quality, and the design process took up too much of my time. However, if I had designed one page each day much before I began designing the magazine, I would've been able to save so much time, and the designing wouldn't have been so burdensome. From issue 7. I will try to distribute my workload so that it is much manageable. Also, I realized that there is no one else to carry on with the design after I graduate. I decided to choose a "lead designer" to not only oversee the designing process but also teach Adobe Indesign to students that I could hand over Lucidity to.

These are just some of my favourite pages. Especially in the magazine cover, I tried to symbolize how in contagion, a small microorganism can lead to massive implications such as a domino. I wrote "2020" on the final domino to hint how contagion eventually affects all of us living in the present moment.

I also implemented many changes online: I renovated the website and used Stibee, an email software, to send out emails that are more engaging and seem more professional.

From this academic year, we will make more changes. We will publish monthly or biweekly newsletters about science, and host events about science in the school library.


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