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[Mathematica] Learning Mathematica 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Dear readers,

I have been learning a new language, Wolfram Mathematica, since it would hugely benefit my research. While I am self-studying it, I found a professor who allowed me to ask him some questions, thanks to Korea’s AMC advisor.

When I first purchased Mathematica, I wondered why such a software would be so expensive. After all, Microsoft Office is a must for everyone that has a computer, yet they charge five or six softwares at the same price! But when I read the user agreement contract, it said “I would never use Mathematica to create weapons of mass destruction”—that line hinted to me how powerful this tool is.

My impression with Mathematica after learning it for several days is that Mathematica is a very easy tool to learn. It is made very logically; it only uses a handful of rules and all functions are named so that their uses are self-explanatory. I also noticed that it is much smarter than other programming languages, since it corrects some human errors and has a predictive interface.

A very random picture of Mathematica's logo in case you might be bored

Now, I am planning to learn more about using data in Mathematica so that I can use it as a powerful research tool. I wish to first expand my last year’s research project about a railway that connects South Korea, NK, and all throughout Europe. Using data in Mathematica, I think that I will be able to consider numerous variables and create the best plan for such a railway.


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