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[Dear Maths] Starting the Project

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

I am so happy; I am now chair of the math society. But the reason why I am so happy isn't because of titles or merits. It is because I can now unleash my "insanity" and try all the things that I yearned to do but had faced opposition or couldn't do because the society was too dormant.

The first long-term project to run in the society is to create a math-art exhibition, namely project "Dear Maths." The picture below is an interactive work of art created by the international art group Team Lab, consisted of artists, mathematicians, CG specialists, and computer scientists.


The instant I saw the picture, I was literally paralyzed! The waterfall is an actual simulation of the fluid, taking turbulence into account. The movement of the water changes based on the locations of the people. This is amazing, and is literally living evidence that mathematics is the language of the Gods.

Of course, we couldn't run a simulation that accurate, let alone the interactive nature of it. But I think we could definitely run it by using a larger dV/dt. We would need a supercomputer for the job, and I began researching. I soon found a cute home supercomputer made by Cray, which only cost 20,000 dollars! But it didn't take long for me to find that the computing power would be just too weak to compute the complicated fluid dynamics.

We would have to do many, many iterations of the Navier-Stokes equation, and it would take just too long with that computer. But I ended up finding a much better alternative--which is a platform named Amazon Web Service (AWS).

So AWS, to my understanding, is a service that does the computation for us if we input the code. We pay per minute needed to compute the given code, and the super amazing computers in Amazon would do it for us.

I thought this would be amazing, and I will get together a small team to do this job with me right away when I get back to Jeju!


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