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[Projects] Report on lifting boarding quarantine policy / Card News

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Recently, the quarantine policy for boarders of the school has been a topic of discussion among members of staff and students, and hence we decided to run a survey of the student body's opinion. The Vice-principal also asked us, the house committee, to write up a report summing up the student body's opinion, and we began running the survey and writing the report.

Report on Student Opinion and Lifting Ha
Download • 197KB

But I wanted to do something more fun with this, which was to incorporate it into our "statistics card news." My objective of the "Stats and Modelling Enterprise" was to create a census bureau of our school. Thus, I reviewed what our students thought about the current quarantine policy. It was rejected from being sent out to the whole school, as the data in the card news quite strongly disagreed with the school policy, but I thought it shouldn't be. The main reason is because the rejection was more of a "shooting the messenger," since statistics just convey public opinion, but not carry one.

Regardless, I wanted to share the card news with you. As I take great pride in my design, the news did not use any commercial templates, but was made from scratch by me.


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