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[Research] Chariklo 3: Collision and Graphics

Now that the abstract submission deadline for KSEF has passed, and those who passed the first round has been announced, I believe that it is now not a problem to share some of my progress in the previous research on 10199 Chariklo.

Previous posts:

There has been enormous progress since the last two posts; I've calculated complete inelastic collisions, incomplete inelastic collisions, simulated various types of collisions, and put in more convincing graphics.

Since the last post, where I found the velocity and position when two particles collide, I used the function FindInstance to model the velocity after the collision. From this, I was able to calculate both for incomplete and complete inelastic collisions, and add more particles into the simulation. I then also added more convincing graphics into the simulation, as the two pictures below.

Then another very crucial part was to consider particles coming from outside the equator. This required much more thought, as there were mainly three ways of colliding between the particles that came from outside the equator.

With all of these in consideration, I produced a prototype of the final video:

At the moment, I am trying to produce a video with 250 particles, if my laptop doesn't crash. I really wish I had a more powerful computer.


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