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[Research] HiMCM 2020

HiMCM, one of the math competitions that I am most enthusiastic about, has begun! All posts related to HiMCM, except the final report (which will be published on, will be updated in this single post like a Reddit thread.

On the first day, our team gathered and collectively began working on the problem. What we've learnt for sure during the past two years is that we must finish as much we can in the first week, or else we will be under very much duress. I am not allowed to say what the problems for this year are, but one of the problems was substantially easier than the other one.

We booked a meeting room from when the meeting room opened until when it closed, and worked on the problem. On the first day, we have all the idea, are almost done writing the code, and 30 percent finished with the report! This is insane progress, and I am sure that this year's results will be much, much better.


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