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[#StaySafe Project] Crunches and a core workout that I do not know the name

As a series of the previous video that I've made for push-ups, I've created one for core workouts as well. The purpose of this project is to teach easy workouts to people amidst of this corona crisis, so I thought it would be best to have attainable and short videos introducing one workout at a day.

(Here's the link to the previous post!-->

Today's workout is crunches, which is a very good work out to enhance your core strength. In fact, our abs consist of three parts--upper, middle, and lower part. Thus, it is important that we train all three parts, and that is why we should combine other workouts as well as crunches.

In the video, I've explained how to do crunches (which is good for the upper part) and an workout which I do not know its name for the lower part. Enjoy!


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