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[#StaySafe Project] Sending Masks

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

As I've previously been making masks, I have now sent them to the Jenam orphanage!

Previous post about making masks-->

I contacted the orphanage via our school's CS coordinator. The orphanage manager thanked me multiple times, and also invited me after the corona outbreak ends! Living in a relatively wealthy district of Korea, I haven't felt that the mask shortage was problematic to a "crisis" level; but again, interacting with the orphanage manager, it was again a reminder that the coronavirus has disproportionately hit the poor the hardest.

A picture of the post that I sent (the white box contains the masks)

I was also thankful that the orphanage manager was happy to receive the masks, and decided to send some of my clothes that I've outgrown as well.

Messages with the orphanage manager.

He thanked me a lot, and I also felt proud and wanted to give something more.


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