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[#StaySafe Project] Shoulder Press at home!

Today's exercise to remain fit during this corona period is Shoulder Presses, one of my favourite workouts. Along with lat exercises, shoulder presses are one of my personal favourites as they are very effective in making broad shoulders, and deltoids--the muscles at the rear of our shoulders--recover very quickly. Recovering quickly would mean that we could do shoulder presses more often, which is always a good thing.

In fact, I said shoulder presses make shoulders "broader," but it would not mean that this exercise is only for men. Women do not develop big muscles as men do, so shoulder presses allow smaller muscles to form the more toned muscles, which make a beautiful shoulder line. My point is that regardless of who you are, shoulder presses are a good exercise.

Me doing a shoulder press with a happy face

Below is the link to the video. Enjoy and feedback is always welcome!


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