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[#StaySafe Project] Standard Push-ups

Hello all,

How has everyone been during this very monotonous and tedious period of self-quarantine?

I myself, a self-professed fitness freak, has obviously been coping with this dullness by exercising at home. But thinking of those who don't exercise as much as me, I thought that it would be a good idea to share some of the work outs that I know and could be done at home without any expensive types of equipment. Thus, I came to create the #staysafe Project, motivated to teach one specific home workout every day! While I have started to help people during the COVID crisis, I could also use this as an opportunity to continue on teaching workouts. Especially in Korea, where lack of exercise is an enormous problem for teenagers who tend to be inundated with their studies, I thought it would be very good to introduce some simple exercises that could be done at home.

I recorded me explaining the exercise and uploaded them on Youtube.

While creating the videos, I discovered that creating videos were actually much harder than I thought. Also, since I could look at me exercising from a third person perspective, I could see how I could improve and what my specific problems were.

The link below is to my first video!

Since I am more comfortable with Korean than English, the video is in Korean. But regardless, I put in English subtitles, so plese enjoy!


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