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[Tips] Debate Video Links

Hello all! Along with my project to share free math notes with others, I am also planning to reboot my debate videos for beginners series. The videos are supposed to be constantly updates every four months, as my debating style and skills also change, but due to the coronavirus and school closure, I haven't been able to film new videos during the debating CCA. Meanwhile, during my time at home, I got much more time to find some useful videos for reference, and decided to upload them here! This post will also be constantly updated as new video channels come out.

Also, I will make a separate page in my blog to post all of these and my videos sooner, so stay tuned for updates.

Oh, and also, if you're a big fan of watching debating videos like me, I really, really recommend you to make a new Youtube account that is only for watching debate videos. Then, because you've watched only debating videos with that account, your youtube algorithm will magically find new debate videos and channels that are very hard to find otherwise. Especially since most debate videos have a small number of subscribers and likes, it will be really beneficial to have a separate account for debate.

Links / Explanations:


Probably the best debating channel in the world. Although it has become more of a fitness channel that a debater's channel.

European Debating Training Platform:

One of the best Youtube Channels I've ever found about debate. Really, really helpful with many topic-speific or speaker-role-specific videos.

IDEA Debate:

I think this is the alpha and omega of all debate videos; if this channel was a person, he or she would be a person who truly needed no introduction. A difference with EDTP would be that EDTP is targetted for more experienced highschool or university-level debaters while IDEA is also geared towards beginners as well.

Debate India: A debating channel that India, the ever-first non-English speaking country champion of WSDC and the rising star of debate, has made!

Team Singapore Educational:

I just love this channel because I love Team Singapore. I really, really love team Singapore because of their beautiful style, consistency, and their endless pool of examples.

Logandran Balavijendran:

A channel that my previous debating coach made back home! Has many great videos of Korean and Malaysian debaters. It is a secret that I still don't know how to write his last name.

WUDC Channels:

2019 Cape Town:

2018 Mexico:

2017 Netherlands:

2016 Thessaloniki:

Now, I don't think that these links need lengthy explanations, but debaters in WUDC are the best among the national team members that competed in world schools. Definitely worth watching. Also, the first link to 2016 Thessaloniki is where the world-famous "Bo Seo Marxist revolution speech" had been born!

Hrvatsko Debatno Drustvo:

Really don't know what the name means, which country it is from, and why it is made. But still has a great collection of WSDC videos.

Some other channels:

Arthur Lee:

Gwee Yi Xin:

Aaron Timmons:

Matthew Yang:

(Matthew is a current member of Team Singapore. I've never met him in person and he probably wouldn't know my existence, but I am an enormous fan of him. I admire his speech style as much as I love Team Singapore)


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