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[Tips] How hard is being a good whip?

Hello readers,

I wanted to share some of the knowledge and experience I gained from being whip speaker for quite a long time.

Disclaimer: these tips constantly evolve as I also improve. Please read up until the most recent post for the best information.

So, how hard is it to be a good whip?

I believe a good whip is possible only if one listens carefully. Whips are mostly considered to be machine guns that launch a barrage of rebuttals. But in my opinion, what is really necessary for a good whip is the skill to listen carefully.

Always make a flow diagram of the debate, and keep track of which points or which analysis seems the strongest on both sides. Whips are considered as the final battle line of both teams, and therefore that would also mean that if a point is not engaged even at the whip speech, that point would automatically be lost. So when I am whip, I usually listen until my previous speech starts, and begin structuring my speech during my previous speaker. Until then, I listen to find out what I should augment in my team's case, and what I should attack to win.

During the speech, I would say rebuttals are generally very important, especially in GW. If GW brings out strong rebuttals and comparisons, OW will struggle very much dealing with those matters. And naturally the debate would lean towards your side.

One note-taking strategy to use is to write rebuttals beforehand during prep time after anticipating some of their arguments. Then, label the rebuttals with numbers. If you already wrote your rebuttals, you can save time during the debate writing lengthy rebuttals with quick handwriting.

Finally, as a metadebating strategy, if you believe that you will win in one clash and lose in the other, say why your clash is the winning clash. So explain why winning that clash is more important than winning the other clash.


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