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Volume 1, Issue 1 (60p),

Published 2021.03

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Volume 1, Issue 2 (72p), 

Published 2021.06

The NLCS Journal of

Pure and Applied Mathematics (60 p.)

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Designer

While working as the Editor-in-Chief of Lucidity, the school's official STEM magazine, I noticed a problem--most magazines published in school were not able to provide a certain academic depth that academic journals can. Furthermore, there was a distinct lack of magazines related to mathematics, particularly because mathematics was not a popular discipline of interest. However, there was a clear need for such a publication. The school curriculum requires mathematical writing as an assignment from a young age; yet, many students were struggling with writing math reports, and choosing interesting topics. 

To this end, I have managed a team of 20 highly talented mathematicians in and out of the school's math society (math club) and established the very first annual journal of mathematics. It was a truly inspiring sight to see young mathematicians edit their articles to perfection over a period of 6 months. The objective was to provide as much academic depth as possible, but to make it academically enriching and accessible at the same time. We published 14 informative articles and 4 student researches on mathematics. After a showcase on the first week of 2020 March, more than 100 copies had been taken by students and teachers altogether. We recieved massive praise from the student body and staff, proving a massive success. 

As editor-in-chief and founder of the journal, I have dedicated extra care to the details, such as the Overleaf formatting or the cover design. The cover was created using Bezier curves and the back cover contains the Processing code that was used. 

Natural Sciences
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Issue 5 (50p),

Published 2019.12

Issue 7 (61p),

Published 2020.08

Issue 7 (30p)

Published 2021.06


Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Designer

Are you a world news enthusiast? Lucidity is a hub for all the news you are looking for. From the arts, culture and food, to sports and breaking news, our team is dedicated to provide a wide range of STEM articles that suit your interests. 

My Promise as Editor-in-chief: 

Under the constant barraging of CVs, IGCSEs, and IB essays--who would have time to sit down and peruse an intriguing article about string theory? Perhaps we live in an education system that treats us as buckets, filling us up with knowledge yet driving out the last drop of interest for science. During my time in Lucidity, I will put in my best effort to make STEM much more accessible and interesting for any. 


8 Weeks of Debate Mentoring (27 p.)



Classroom Debate (20 p.)


Notes for the 8 Week

Mentoring Course

Debater Ver. (23 p.)


Notes for the 8 Week

Mentoring Course

Instructor Ver.  (23 p.)


The Debating Glossary (8 p.)

The Penguin Debate Series

Founder, Writer, Editor, and Designer

Known to my friends as a "debate addict," I love everything that debate gifts me with--from the heated debating chamber to amiable friends and coaches. I believe that English debate must be for everyone, and to those ends, the Penguin Debate Series is intended to render debating accessible to everyone. 


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